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Kidmin Space: Painted Hallways

Here are some snapshots "in progress" of the hallways we painted last summer.   We took pictures of our kids at church and used them for the silhouettes. It's bright and cheerful!

Airplane in Action! Sky VBS 2012

Our VBS was so fun and this plane was one of the highlights!  It was so fun to make and so hard to hang!  Our ceiling is very high!  Thank goodness a man at church knows how to use the "cherry picker" or manlift or whatever that thing is called. LOL Hoisting it up ... It's up! Here you can see how high it's hanging.

Making an Airplane for Sky VBS 2012

 I am making a bi-plane to hang in the sanctuary of our church for VBS.  We are doing  Group's Sky VBS . Okay, so the messes you see in the background here are in my "workshop".  I have a mobile home on my property that I use for my workshop/sewing room/storage/puppet workshop etc.  It's so nice to make these messes and then just walk away! This is the bottom wing of the bi-plane painted red. I cut it out of pink insulation foam. We already had the foam and the paint so this is a free project so far! This will be the top wing. This is the rear wing. This is the tail and the propeller.  I haven't decided what color the propeller will be yet. This will be the fuselage (is that the right word?) made from a concrete form. I already  had this too! Another free resource! Yeah! Everything drying! This little  craft tutorial  was my inspiration for my shapes.  I hope it goes together like I want it too!