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Our Children's Church Stage Finally finished!

We've been slowly working on this stage project over a year. When you are just volunteers things can take a while and you have to compromise. Our vision was a little more elaborate but with time and budget constraints this is what we  came up with. I think it turned out cute.  A few "in progress" shots:

Meet Jack Lumber - Puppet for new unit

We are doing the "Giant" unit from High Voltage Kids.  The character for this unit is Jack Lumber and here he is! You can check out how I put him together here.

Anti-procrastination Week

It's anti-procrastination week! This week is spring break but there's no break for me! We have been working on some painting projects that needed finishing. We started on this stage (not the best pic, sorry) probably about a year ago actually a little longer than that honestly but when you're a volunteer time is an issue.  So  we finally got around to putting on some finishing touches. We are almost done and I will post a picture when it is totally complete.  This is my friend Wendy she's a messy painter. :)

Quiet Bags - Sermon Notes for Kids

Our church supplies a "quiet bag" to help little ones stay occupied during church.  We keep it simple with coloring pages, a small toy, and some colored pencils.  No markers or crayons are allowed. :) I decided to make some little booklets "Sermon Notes"  that the kids can write and draw in then take home. I'll show you what I made.  These are VERY simple and I'll change them up from time to time. I designed them with reader/writers and non-reader/writers in mind. I just used an inexpensive graphics program that I've had for years. Cover front A place to draw, read and listen Favorite song - write or draw a worship picture. A chance to write about God. A place to draw about God and favorite things. Note: I actually stapled these in the wrong order - Oops! Cover back.   Here is a printable version , without our church name on the cover if you would like to use these in your church. Please let me know if you use this f