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Fourteen Reasons NOT to Work with Children at Church

The past few weeks we have been learning about creation, Adam and Eve along with Cain and Abel.  It never ceases to amaze me what these children can understand.  Most adults don't realize what deep spiritual truths children can understand and apply to their lives. First a funny story.  A couple of weeks ago we talked about God making Eve from Adam's rib because none of the animals were suitable, one little girl said, "Yes, God created Eve to be the mommy because Adam is the daddy.  You need a mommy and a daddy to have a baby.  I know how this works." She's right! And I did chuckle a little at her wisdom at such a young age (she has younger siblings and newborn twin cousins). She she does indeed "know how it works". Now on to this week's lesson.  We read about Cain and Abel being brothers, how God accepted one brother's sacrifice but not the other. Cain was not happy about it.  The kids were quick to pick up on this and identified it quic

Super Summer Spectacular 2014: Art Attack!

Note before I begin: So, I'm waayyy behind in blogging and we've had lots of fun over the last few months.  I'm going to just move forward and not waste those photos and go ahead and blog them now even though most of them are months old!  Forgive me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Wednesday night last summer we had art night! (I touched on this briefly here ) Here are a few of the stations we had.  You can see the spin art using a box fan.  This is super easy and loads of fun!!!! The geometric designs you see were created by masking tape, then painting and pulling off the tape to reveal the white lines. We even did the old 60’s paint filled balloons and dart throwing. The kids LOVED it! Creating things with kids is one of the things I love most!  Every piece is unique and special, just like them! If you’d like to make spin art like this it’s easy.  Just get a box fan and take off one side of the guard.  Lay it on it’s side, fasten a piece of cardboard in