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iKidmin Summer Review (Long)

I have been a terrible blogger!  I did not realize that the whole summer has gone by and I didn't record anything!  I've been busy and posting is so time consuming for me. But if I'm going to do this then I need to do it! I must add a disclaimer here - blogs are best with pictures and I will add pictures when I can but since the bulk of my ministry involves children, then many of my pictures include children and I do not have permission to post them so I will either be blocking out faces, or just including those pictures that I have the right to publish.  Thank you very much for your understanding thus far! :) Now, let's go way, way back to May, seems so long ago doesn't it?  So much has happened!  We started the summer off with this Festival and although attendance was low (it seemed like everybody and their dog was having an event that day in our community!) we had lots of fun and met a few new faces! Enter Summer… We sent out flyers to the local schools

I was in the mood to organize...

I've been on a roll this week organizing and printing out new labels and sorting things. Starting with the resource room supply cubbies. The old labels, on the bottom section, are hard to see. New labels. Much better!  I put them on the front and back in case people put them in backwards. Of course they never do that right?  By the way, these were two different cubbie shelves on casters.  I took the casters off of one of them, stacked them and used screws and one of these  to secure them.  This took advantage of empty vertical space and made more room on the floor.  Just a space saving tip for ya! ;) Next I gathered up all the prizes and candy. From this.... To this! And the bonus? I had extra toys and candy that can go in OCC shoeboxes ! Yeah!