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Christmas 2014–Whoville Activities

Of course we learned from the Bible all about Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the angels and shepherds.  But we also played some themed games and snacks. I took some spray paint, cardboard boxes of various sizes and some fiber fill, along with a printed Grinch face, laminated and attached to the oatmeal carton.  I used scraps left over from my Whoville outfit to make some bean bags.  This was a “knock down the Grinch” game and they LOVED it!  They almost destroyed the whole thing by tossing the bags so hard.  Boys, gotta love ‘em.  Here’s a demonstration: We made Grinch snacks: Of course we had to make green slime!  I had all the ingredients gather, measured and ready to go. We used this recipe: Slime recipe Ingredients 4oz Elmer’s Glue 2 teaspoons Borax Glitter (optional) Food Coloring Instructions Mix 4oz glue with 1 cup water. Stir in your coloring- Just add a few drops according to how vibrant the color you want. In a separate bowl, mix 2 teaspoons Borax

Christmas 2014- Whoville Came to Children’s Church!

I had some help getting our children's church space ready for Christmas in December.  The Whoville unit was so much fun! Here’s how we transformed our space for the month. We started with our set that usually looks like this: And turned it into this: The tree.   I used what I had on hand, red felt, lime green fleece and hot glue to make the skirt. I could have sewn it but hot glue was faster! The ornaments were printed out on paper and laminated then put on with pipe cleaners and a tacky bow and candy cane garland from the Dollar Tree were added. They added just the right amount of whimsy. We used white sheets, paint on hand and an overhead projector to make the temporary town. I used a crumpled up plastic bag (a trick from the 90’s) to make the sky background. We camouflaged the tree house by turning it into a mountain with snow by using a couple of gray sheets and some quilt batting. Of course we had to add the “Go Away” sign which is just cardboard and paint. I’