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Resurrection Walk

Resurrection Walk Last year we tried something new for Easter. Our church does not do egg hunts but the children's department wanted to do something for our kids and the families at our church. However, this isn't just a kids' activity. We had all ages participate which was our goal.  We will be doing it again in just a few days (we do it on Good Friday) but I thought I would post what we did last year and then later what we did this year adding in any changes we make. First let me say we kept it very simple.  We did not have resources to deck out the church and turn it into Jerusalem.  I would LOVE to do that someday, but for now we started simple. We had 12 areas or stations that the groups would go to and experience a portion of the story from the Triumphal Entry to the Empty Tomb. The first thing you saw when you pulled up to the church was a live donkey! A church member brought her little donkey up and the kids were able to pet her. Gently of course. A