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Jumpstart3 Music: The Hottest Songs in the You-Know-Verse! Believe me when I say that this music has changed the dynamic in our children's department. It is the SINGLE most impactful element we have added in our children's ministry this past year! I can't say enough about this music.  In our children's ministry kids from age 3-13 absolutely love it, request it, listen to it at home, share it with their friends and sing it anytime they get the chance. So far Romans 10:9 and Luke 2:52 are the favorites.  Well 2 Corinthians 5:17 might be in the running too.  They love them all actually and when I use the scriptures in our teachings the kids eyes light up because it is familiar. In this world there are so many songs, ideas and words that kids hear every single day.  I praise God that I can have a "voice" in their lives too with God's word through song. Scripture is powerful and these songs are not a waste of time.  Even if this isn't your "style" you should give

Jesus Centered Teaching

My friend and I attended Group's Children's Ministry Local Training this weekend and it was all about Jesus centered teaching.  It sounds obvious doesn't it? I mean, isn't that what children's teachers and leaders are supposed to be doing? Yes, yes they are.  But many times things get in the way.  We may end up putting emphasis on behavior, contests and memorization.  Those aren't bad things but they are not necessarily relationship building.  Children need to know Jesus is REAL.  They need to know that He really is there no matter what. Here are a some  of the ideas we learned about: There is a difference in knowing who Jesus is and knowing Him Families are not committed to attending church like they were even 10 years ago Jesus wants to reveal His heart to us We have to show that heart of Jesus to kids We have to be willing to be vulnerable with kids.  We do not need to put on a show or an act.   There are other fruits besides spiritual fruits.

My Vision for Children's Ministry

I'm involved in KidMin Academy 's online diploma program.  I've been in for six months already. I can't believe it!  One of the assignments for this month was to write 500 words of my vision for my children's ministry.  I procrastinated all month.  I can talk, but writing things down is harder for me and consequently why I don't blog as I would really like.  Since the assignment was to write a blog post I thought I would share it on my blog.  I'm sure it will need refining along the way but this is my vision today. My Vision for Children’s Ministry I envision a place for all children to feel safe, loved and wanted. I will address each of these and my vision for making it happen. Safety: Children should be able to feel safe at church. Safety comes before any teaching can be done. If a child does not feel safe and secure or parent does not feel that their child is safe, there is nothing that can be done during the session to bring them close