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Yearly Planning iKidmin Style 2017

I started this blog to chronicle the things I do through a year of kid ministry as a volunteer.  I haven’t been consistent in posting throughout the year so what better way to kick off a new year than with a post about our first planning meeting.  I want to share with you how I organize this type of meeting and share our plans for the coming year. So where did I start? Do I need to say it? PRAY I spent some time in prayer before I even met with the team.  I invited them to pray as well. Next I set the meeting date. I invited team members via a Facebook event on our church page and through a personal message. Side note: In our church Facebook Event invites and Facebook messenger or text seem to work the best.  The Facebook event photo (It says "pot luck" but we changed it to build your own tacos.) This year we scheduled the meeting for lunch after church with everyone bringing a portion of the meal. I decided it would be easier to have tacos so busy leaders