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Weird VBS Ball

This took more than 14:38 (the length of YouTube video) minutes to put together! But inside are the names of 30 people praying for VBS! Who hoo!! I'll post a link to the video as soon as I figure out how. (I'm learning to blog from my phone.) This was a gift from for purchasing their "Weird Animals" VBS. 

February is a Busy Month in Kidmin

Kidmin life has been busy! Too busy to blog! Sometimes I think I can't get it all done, but I'm not doing it alone so it always works out!  God gives me the energy and the ideas and others join in and together we make it happen. This weekend is a triple whamy! Friday we had our annual Valentine Banquet Fund Raiser for pre-teen camp, Sunday we had our first VBS meeting and I am the director so I had to plan and lead the meeting, today (Monday) I have a pre-teen camp task force meeting. Talk about switching gears!  I've had to focus on one at a time.  I don't always like things being so close together.  I need room to breath! LOL But this is how it all worked out so I "just do it"! No room for procrastination! The banquet Friday night was lovely.  We arrived at church to set up around noon.  About a dozen people came and decorated, cooked, practiced for entertainment, and just literally did whatever we asked them to do. 7:00 pm Guests arrive, and