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Children's Sunday 2016

Every year at our church we have children's Sunday. We call it GF Kids LIVE! We recreate children's church in "big church" so the others can see what goes on in children's church and so that we can show how God is working in our department.  For children's Sunday we have the kids do as much as possible and we use the songs and lessons from our children's church. This year we had a praise party ! Here's our basic outline: Opening Song – Shuffle  (kids on stage) VBS Commercial - Cave Quest 2016 Wake Me Up – Black Light Song by the PIT Crew Welcome – Pastor Scripture Reading – (child) Prayer – (child) Song – God’s Not Dead (kids on stage) Song – Romans 10:9 – Jumpstart3  (kids on stage) Lesson/Sermon–  Skit –  Invitation –  Nothing Could Keep Me From You (Instrumental) Offering  – Keep My Eyes on You –   (child special) Closing Song – I think I’m Gonna Throw Up  We had kids standing at the door passing out bulletins and kid