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Sunday School Whiteboard Drawings

 A major part of my (very busy) life is children's ministry. I HEART Children's Ministry!!!! I took some pictures with my phone last week of some of my Sunday school students and the drawings they made of the "Most Special Baby". Drawing our pictures... Star drawing... Baby Jesus and family(top)...student's family(bottom) tiny baby Jesus...couldn't you guess this was a boy drawing? teacher drawing for inspiration ;) I got the idea to incorporate individual whiteboards in this way from  here .  She has some wonderful ideas! I did not get a picture of all the drawings. I think some kids were faster with the eraser than I am with the camera.  Funny thing, at first they seemed intimidated to draw anything, that is why I drew the "inspiration" picture to get them going. Once they got started they didn't want to quit. I bought an $11 dollar 4x8 shower board at Home Depot and had the guy there cut it for me. They h