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What's on my iKidmin To Do List This Week? Septmber 10, 2017

Wow, I let a few months go by without blogging.  That's typical of me. It all rolls around in my head but I don't take the time to blog.  I hope to be posting soon a few projects that I've completed recently. Yesterday I spent the day planning the entire quarter for The Gospel Project 5th & 6th grade class, fine tuning my children's church plans and working on some puppet plans for PIT Crew. This week feels a bit back to normal. I've had more going on than usual in Aug/Sept!  Usually this is my quietest time.  Last week we had promotions for the children's dept Sunday classes.  I missed it because I was out of town visiting grandbabies. :)  Before I left I did set up a simple photo booth: Getting away for a while was really nice. I needed the break! Now, onto this week: Sunday: teach children's church and 5th/6th grade class The Gospel Project Monday: sewing lessons with a girl from church Tuesday: planning for fall Wednesday: teach Power
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What's on my Kidmin to do list this week? July 10, 2017

  Life moves so fast in kidmin and there have been lots of things going on and I just don't seem to make time to blog about them. I really, really want to because I love having that record of what's going on.   But for now, here's what's on the agenda this week. Monday- VBS Final clean up.  We have some walls still covered and we will be sad to see them go but it's time to get the last few things down and move on. Finish writing devotionals for preteen camp books Tuesday- another church is coming to get our VBS decorations. They purchased some of the more expensive pieces and we made the rest so we shared! I also will get started on printed the books for preteen camp. Wednesday- Finish printing and binding preteen camp books PowerSource! We are teaching on Esther this month.  I set up the Bible story room with 4 corner vignettes depicting a part of the story. I will get pictures and post them. Thursday- Set up for children's church Sunday Friday-

One of Those Days

Yesterday was "one of those days". The agenda yesterday was already full: Set up for Children's Church (I was not the leader but I was doing a monologue as the Samaritan Woman) Teach Bible study  Lead a lunchtime training for camp counselors  home for a short period back for branding team meeting church service church council meeting after. I had to bring food for the training so I entered the building through the kitchen and I noticed it was very warm.  The thermostat said 90! As I went on through to the fellowship hall/children's room (it's a shared space) it was 97! I suspect it may have been hotter but I'm not sure the thermostat registers higher than that.  Someone had turned the heat and fan on and it was on all night long! Now, the air in that room has been having problems so there was no way it was going to cool before children's church.  I had three choices: the youth room (lots of "stuff" for kids to mess with), a classroo

What's on my Kidmin to do list this week? June 18, 2017

This week's list is simple... Sunday - Praying and last minute prep for VBS Monday - VBS Tuesday - VBS Wednesday - VBS Thursday - VBS Friday - VBS Saturday - Rest from VBS That's pretty much it!  See you on the other side. :) Watch for VBS wrap up post soon!

What's on my Kidmin to do list this week? June 11, 2017

Last week was busy as usual.  But I'm ready for another week and anxious to see what the Lord will do through His people. I'm praying that a VBS backdrop I ordered comes in time.  I don't want to waste money. If it arrives too late it will be useless to us. :(  Father you know the need, so trivial but yet I don't want to be wasteful of your resources.  It's in your hands. I trust You. :)  We had a successful decorating day on Saturday  Here's a peek of the one picture I got. Yes, just one. I'm terrible about taking pictures when I'm busy. Check In Station Now I'm ready to move on to the next step. VBS is one week away. I'm so excited! Sunday: My pastor has asked me to give a "mission report" on VBS this morning. I'm nervous and grateful.  I teach Sunday school with my son and then rest after that. Monday: Work on VBS at church.  Finishing up as many details as possible before our last decorating day. Tuesday: No

What's on my kidmin to do list this week? June 4, 2017

Seems like the weeks are flying by! This week is all about momentum.  VBS is 2 weeks away and we have gotten so much done yet so much more to be done but I refuse to worry or stress.  Telling kids about Jesus is more important that bulletin paper, glue, tape, foam and paint.  Yes I love those things and making things is lots of fun.  Changing the environment for VBS is very important. Yet I must keep the main thing the main thing.  My relationship with Jesus comes FIRST. Why? Because I can do nothing without Him. He does it through me. This is not my VBS, or my ministry (although I often use those terms) it is His.  He chooses to use me to do it and I'm so glad of that! On to the to do list: Sunday: Day of rest. I have only to teach Sunday school but after that I took a nap. I felt so refreshed this morning. God knew what He was doing when he required rest. Monday: Working on VBS today. Finishing some decorations and planning. Tuesday: Lead VBS training in the evening

Blast from the Past

I was organizing files and came across pictures I have taken of various things that I never blogged about. So I thought I would post them so that I could know when/what they were. Pic from 2008. Princess Annie and Dudley the Dragon.  This is truly a happy memory. These two puppets were our mascots in children's church. Princess Annie was a sassy princess who thought everything revolved around her. The kids helped me teach her lessons about God and who He was and that He is the one to be glorified. Princess Annie and Dudley circa 2008 Funny Story: This castle stage was in three pieces and on wheels and could be pushed back and turned around so that the youth could use the space on Wednesday nights. Each Sunday after children's church we would pull the pins out, push the middle back to the wall, and flip the ends (they actually had a different brick pattern on the back for the youth set. It was and ingenious design and I miss the couple so much that made it!). One Su