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What's on my Kidmin to do list this week? June 11, 2017

Last week was busy as usual.  But I'm ready for another week and anxious to see what the Lord will do through His people.

I'm praying that a VBS backdrop I ordered comes in time.  I don't want to waste money. If it arrives too late it will be useless to us. :( Father you know the need, so trivial but yet I don't want to be wasteful of your resources.  It's in your hands. I trust You. :) 

We had a successful decorating day on Saturday  Here's a peek of the one picture I got. Yes, just one. I'm terrible about taking pictures when I'm busy.

Now I'm ready to move on to the next step. VBS is one week away. I'm so excited!

Sunday: My pastor has asked me to give a "mission report" on VBS this morning. I'm nervous and grateful.  I teach Sunday school with my son and then rest after that.

Monday: Work on VBS at church.  Finishing up as many details as possible before our last decorating day.

Tuesday: No training, no planning, nothing on th…
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What's on my kidmin to do list this week? June 4, 2017

Seems like the weeks are flying by! This week is all about momentum.  VBS is 2 weeks away and we have gotten so much done yet so much more to be done but I refuse to worry or stress.  Telling kids about Jesus is more important that bulletin paper, glue, tape, foam and paint.  Yes I love those things and making things is lots of fun.  Changing the environment for VBS is very important. Yet I must keep the main thing the main thing.  My relationship with Jesus comes FIRST. Why? Because I can do nothing without Him. He does it through me. This is not my VBS, or my ministry (although I often use those terms) it is His.  He chooses to use me to do it and I'm so glad of that!

On to the to do list:

Sunday: Day of rest. I have only to teach Sunday school but after that I took a nap. I felt so refreshed this morning. God knew what He was doing when he required rest.

Monday: Working on VBS today. Finishing some decorations and planning.

Tuesday: Lead VBS training in the evening

Wednesday: …

Blast from the Past

I was organizing files and came across pictures I have taken of various things that I never blogged about. So I thought I would post them so that I could know when/what they were.

Pic from 2008.

Princess Annie and Dudley the Dragon.  This is truly a happy memory. These two puppets were our mascots in children's church. Princess Annie was a sassy princess who thought everything revolved around her. The kids helped me teach her lessons about God and who He was and that He is the one to be glorified.

Funny Story:

This castle stage was in three pieces and on wheels and could be pushed back and turned around so that the youth could use the space on Wednesday nights. Each Sunday after children's church we would pull the pins out, push the middle back to the wall, and flip the ends (they actually had a different brick pattern on the back for the youth set. It was and ingenious design and I miss the couple so much that made it!). One Sunday we still had a little guy about 4 years old…

What's on my kidmin to do list this week? May 28, 2017

I’ve been having internet troubles the last few weeks.  Today I’m writing this post in Word so I can copy and paste later because I want to keep my habit of blogging.

So much has been happening, planned and unplanned and I hope to share some changes we’ve made in our children’s area soon! For today I will post my “Kidmin to do” list for the week of May 28, 2017.

Sunday – PIT Crew practice.  We have this once a month. This is our team of 6th grade and up that does puppets, drama and helps in children’s church. We will have pizza and work on upcoming performances and lessons.

Monday – Memorial Day.  I thank the men and women for the sacrifice they gave. We have no idea what they have done for us.  I may work on puppets!

Tuesday – I’m so excited!!!! I’m going to spend the day with my buddy Corrine! She will be in Texas and we will get to hang out today! I really need this break and I’m so looking forward to it.

Wednesday – PowerSource night! My last week of teaching on Ruth. I’m prayin…

What's on my kidmin to do list this week? May 1, 2017

Last week was so busy I didn't even get to post my to-do list! So how about a "to-done" list?

Week of April 24-30th

I taught at my associations VBS conference. I had fun. I had to set up my room and teach on the same day so I kept it simple. Here's a pic of the set up:

The rest of the week I spent on our new check-in system. I spent hours making the name badges, testing the scanner, printer and reports.  I'm trying it out all sorts of ways before I present it to the others so I can know all the ins and outs of the program and how it will work best for us.  I think we like it and it will work well for us since our internet is so terrible there is no way for us to use an internet based system. I will be doing a detailed post about it soon.

I spent one whole day outlining the next three months for our Wednesday night program "PowerSource".

Here's my list for this week May 1-7th

Plan, prep and rehearsal for our annual "GF Kids LIVE!" where ch…

"How to Train Your Attitude" Lock-In 2017

This year we wanted to do something different instead of our usual Valentine Banquet Fund Raiser.  This event killed three birds with one stone:

It was a fund raiser. We charged $10 for those staying 6pm-11-pm and $20 for overnighters It was a chance for us to hang out with the kids (one of our favorite things to do!)It was a Spring Break event for kids.  
Once we agreed on having the event for K-6th we decided to make it a lock-in for 3-6th grade. This is the age-group that is eligible to attend preteen camp this summer so this was an opportunity to find out if  sleeping away from home was something the kids can handle.  They did great! There are always those that aren't sure if they can stay away all night so this was a perfect "safe" way to test the waters.

Choosing the Theme:
I had just recently downloaded some lessons from CMD and "How to Train Your Attitude" was one of the units. We decided to use that as our base and watch the "How to Train Your Drag…

What's on my kidmin to do list this week? April 16, 2017

Praise God he arose! Thank you Jesus for what you did for me on the cross and that you are coming again! Amen!

I had a good day of rest and celebration for Easter Sunday but now it's back to work. What's on my list this week?

three team meetings to plan for this weekendPowerSource  planning meeting Friday eveningVBS 2017 Leaders meeting Saturday morningPIT Crew monthly meeting and practice Sundaycontinue my plans for the VBS conference Monday. I teach the Children's Bible Study session at our association's annual conference for the Lifeway VBS curriculum.  The conference is in one week! I'm excited and nervous as usual.   These meeting plans will take most of my time this week.  Do you ever have weeks like this where there isn't much creativity going on and it's mostly administrative?  I can't figure out how they always fall this way but I have five meetings in the next 2-weeks! It's been meeting season for me.  I have to plan ahead for these times …