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One of Those Days

Yesterday was "one of those days".

The agenda yesterday was already full:
  • Set up for Children's Church (I was not the leader but I was doing a monologue as the Samaritan Woman)
  • Teach Bible study 
  • Lead a lunchtime training for camp counselors 
  • home for a short period
  • back for branding team meeting
  • church service
  • church council meeting after.
I had to bring food for the training so I entered the building through the kitchen and I noticed it was very warm.  The thermostat said 90! As I went on through to the fellowship hall/children's room (it's a shared space) it was 97! I suspect it may have been hotter but I'm not sure the thermostat registers higher than that.  Someone had turned the heat and fan on and it was on all night long! Now, the air in that room has been having problems so there was no way it was going to cool before children's church.  I had three choices: the youth room (lots of "stuff" for kids to mess with), a classroom (too small), or the gym (also hot). We chose the youth room so that meant rearranging and then carting chairs, props, and setting up an audio/visual system.  All in less than an hour! So needless to say I was sweating before 9:00am.  I wish I could say I did all this with grace but I didn't.  I was angry and frustrated. I had to toss all my plans out the window and rearrange my morning in order to deal with it and it seemed senseless.  I did complain but you do what you gotta do and so I did.

But here I am in my costume just after telling the kids the story of the Samaritan woman.
All ended well and God really spoke to me through it all.  I kept hearing him say, "This stuff doesn't matter.  Kids matter. People matter. I matter."

When I did my monologue for the kids they were very attentive and interested.  We had some good discussion. 

I'm not gonna lie, I took a nap during that short time home before heading back out.  

God is good and I'm glad I have days like this that keep me dependent on Him and not too dependent on myself.  

As I got home and assessed the day I saw a note (she wrote it on a styrofoam cup!) from a new girl that said "To Mrs Angel I love You" and am reminded why I do what I do.

Thank you Lord for having patience with me! Keep working on me. 


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