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Family Fun Festival

We sponsored a "Festival" to give folks a chance to pre-register for VBS. It was the first time we'd done anything exactly like this.  I would call it a success as we had lots of fun and met some new people. It was a bit of work, but not too much. Everyone pitched in and took responsibility for a job so "many hands make light work". We had a petting zoo, two bounce houses, popcorn, sodas, candy, hot dogs, cotton candy, a cupcake walk, a dunking booth and games. It was a perfectly beautiful day and it was a lot of fun and we signed up several kids for VBS! Yay! 

GF Kids Club LIVE!

 We have an annual "Children's Sunday" we like to call "GF Kids Club LIVE" where the kids basically take over the service for the day. This year was great!  We had puppets, and skits and kids leading the singing, in our own style of course! and kid musicians, ushers and scripture reading. Our brave pastor talking to a green monster. :) Blurry because these guys are hard to catch in action.  "Bunches" of kids! I'm not sure but I think someone is having fun. I love to include adults in our worship.  Children worship with "reckless abandon".  We could take a few lessons from them. :) Later that evening we had a bake auction fund raiser and we raised above and beyond our goal for pre-teen camp. God is so good! :)