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2104 Plans

We recently had a department planning meeting to plan all the fun things for the year!  Each month seems to have it's challenges and excitement!

Here's what our team came up with for the upcoming year month-by-month.
(This is just the outline, details to follow month-by-month)

Annual planning meeting
Children's Church teachers scheduled
PIT Crew team to ministry festival

Annual Valentine's Banquet scheduled and jobs assigned
First VBS meeting scheduled
Children's Church teachers scheduled

VBS FUN Shop sponsored by Group
Spring Break Skating Party
Children's Church teachers scheduled
Summer Planning meeting scheduled
(we found there was too much detail to discuss on this agenda, so scheduled a meeting with just the Wednesday night workers to plan the summer activities)

Palm Sunday - PIT Crew performance
Children's Church teachers scheduled

GF Kids Club LIVE scheduled
Annual Bake Auction scheduled
Mother's Day
Baby Dedication Day
VBS Meeting
Memorial Day
Children's Church teachers scheduled
VBS Festival/Registration day scheduled

VBS trainings, VBS decorating day, VBS scheduled
Follow up  and clean up scheduled
No children's church this month

Independence Day Celebration scheduled and jobs assigned
Pre-Teen Camp
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Sunday School Promotion
End of Year BASH/swimming party
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Begin Shoeboxes
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Scarecrow Festival (in town)
Annual Trunk 'n Treat and Black Light Show scheduled
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Shoebox collections due
Thanksgiving Dinner - Church Wide
(I have a note to chop veggies for my friend so she can make her delicious stuffing!)
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Family Christmas Event scheduled
Happy Birthday Jesus Party scheduled
Children's Church teachers scheduled

Planning must be flexible.  Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.  He knows you and your children and the families that will be coming better than you do! If you want to have a vision, or a goal for your children's department you must be intentional.  Pizza and candy will get them there, but what will you do with them once they come?  The Gospel must be the basis for everything you do. Even with kids. Remember...

and be flexible!


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