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Can you ever get enough of VBS?


Not me!

I’m currently planning my teaching session for our local association’s annual VBS conference.

My notebook: (I make a notebook for EVERYTHING!)

vbs notebook


I’m teaching Children’s Bible Study Grades 1-6. To adults! Gasp! 

The conference is for the Lifeway Agency D3 VBS curriculum. 

No, my church isn’t using Lifeway for our VBS, however I am familiar with Lifeway, having used it for almost two decades! 

Has it really be that long? Yes, yes it has. I can remember that first year they switched to the new “theme-y” format. I think it was a western theme with a Steven Curtis-Chapman song as the theme song. My children were wee lads and lasses and one wasn’t even imagined yet!

Anyhoo! I’m enjoying the sneak peak into what this theme is all about. 


Yeah! It’s a great basis and kids need to be able to defend themselves in this old world.

I really like the “Discover Decide Defend” motto and the secret agent theme setting.

I really like the memory verse for the week:

1 Peter 3:15 “Honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”

I’m having fun looking at all the leader guides, and posters and kits etc.  It’s like a candy store for me. Smile I mean really, isn’t this the coolest set?

(Note: If you are interested in using the Lifeway VBS curriculum, I highly recommend this blog.  Wonderful information!)

However, I have a confession to make. For me, teaching adults isn’t as fun as teaching kids.  I’m not sure why people prefer it. Seriously.

Adults just aren’t as fun as kids. 

They don’t interact like kids. 

They are more self-conscious than kids.

They don’t want candy for prizes. Can you imagine that?

And they won’t volunteer to come up in front of the group.

And they won’t play games that involve getting down on the floor, or turning off the lights, or spinning around.  Nothin’

I told you. No fun.

Oh well, I will do my best. 

I do this because I love the Lord and there are kids and families out there that need to know HIM.  If I can have any part, however small, in anyone giving their life to Jesus then count me in!

I’ll take some pics of the conference and post them next week.

If you read this pray for me!  Thank you!


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