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Creativity:blessing or curse?

I came across this meme the other day and it totally describes me!

Sometimes I can't stand myself because I can't keep track of ideas that flow constantly through my mind.  It's exhausting!!!

When it comes to ministry however, you can't just run with every idea you have.  You must take it to the Lord in prayer and wait on the Spirit to guide you.  I have had a few disastrous moments to testify to this.

On any given day (hour) I may be thinking of: a new puppet idea, a craft for kids, a lesson or theme idea for an upcoming lesson, a program or event that needs planning, dinner plans, my son's chemistry lesson, ideas to do with grandkids when they come, how to get information out on facebook or newsletter or email, what foods need to be collected for the food drive, when is that dentist appointment, is the laundry done, has the dog been fed, what will I get so-and-so for such-and-such gift, are the church bulletins done, has all the money been collected for such-and-such activity, are the background checks done, are the bills paid, where is that ______, an idea for a sewing project, an idea for a home improvement project, is the dishwasher unloaded, has the dog been let outside, is there gas in the tank, did I remember to take my meds, an idea for a video for children's church, an idea for promotion of this or that event, are the beds made, I should really be doing _________ right now, if only I had enough time to do all the things I want to do!!!

These thoughts come and go all day.  I write a lot of it down, I make lists. I use calendars (several!) But still, I forget things.  Sadly as I get older this gets worse, but I can say I make time for what is really important.  I have time with the Lord every day and if it weren't for Him I surely would be spinning my wheels.

Creativity is great and I truly love it!  But some days it's overwhelming.  That's when I know I need a little more time to just be with the Lord and with family doing something I'm not very good at: relaxing.


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